Oscar-nominee Miranda Richardson can't understand the snobbery surrounding the acting profession, and was left astounded at the lengths stars go to for an Academy Award.
The Brit is a stalwart of the U.K. theatre, TV and film scene, and has twice been nominated for Oscars, won two Golden Globes and picked up a revered BAFTA trophy.
But despite her acclaim and the prestige placed on the prizes she has taken home, the Harry Potter star remains baffled by how seriously actors take their career.
She tells Britain's The Times, "Acting is just a job. The seriousness with which my profession takes itself sometimes goes over the top. I'm not denigrating it in any way, but it's not like we're saving lives. It can be intensely boring.
"The Oscars can be like the Wild West. There is a campaign you can go on, almost like a political one, where if you say nice things and have your photograph taken with the right people, it might be enough to tip the scales in your favour. I don't think about it much. There are people who have been nominated seven or eight times and haven't won."