Miranda Lambert doesn't think she's the best singer.

The 'House That Built Me' star thinks there are ''a lot better singers'' than her in the world and she wished she was one of the ''powerhouse vocalists''.

She said: ''There's a lot better singers than me. I always say I'm more of a stylist. I'm not one of those powerhouse vocalists. I wish I was. Carrie Underwood can sing circles around me. Maybe I'm not the greatest singer in the world, but I feel like I deliver with emotion, because I mean it, and sometimes that's more important than singing big notes, even if I could. But I respect female vocalists such as Carrie for their talent. I love to be in competition. I think it's healthy for all us women to push each other and to help each other and to inspire each other to be better.''

And the 34-year-old singer thinks her music has developed the older she gets.

She added to Cincinnati.com: ''I kind of built my career on being a quote-unquote firecracker. But I never labeled myself that. I was labeled that from certain songs of mine. I think all that changed when 'House that Built Me' became my biggest hit to date. It's a ballad, and it's really heartfelt.

''It changed the game from me being edgy and a firecracker - or whatever people were calling me - to more diverse. I started when I was 20, and I'm 34, so going through the years, you sort of mellow out a little bit and hone in on your craft and live your life and learn from your mistakes and learn from the things that you do that are great. So I think it changes the tone naturally about getting older and going through things.''