Miranda Kerr tries to have ''fun'' when she is on the runway.

The Australian beauty - best known as a model for underwear brand Victoria's Secret - admits she does get nervous when she has to parade her body in front of people, but makes an effort to enjoy herself.

She said: ''For me personally I try not to think about it too much and just try to have fun with it and have a good time. I love runway, especially Victoria's Secret runways, they're really fun, we get to express our personality and have fun up there on stage.

''I also like studio shoots too, they're really fun. It's like working with family.''

Miranda, who is married to British hunk Orlando Bloom, particularly loves the brand's new ''sexy collection'' and their multi-way bra.

She added: ''The new very sexy collection is great for summer. It's so versatile. There's beautiful colours. My favourite piece in the collection is the very sexy multi-way bra. You can wear it cross back, halter back, low-back. It's just a really good bra to have in your wardrobe.''