Miranda Kerr wears false lashes to ''save time'' in her make up routine.

The model likes to rock the lash extensions because it means it will take her less time to get ready for the day when she wakes up in the morning.

Opening up about her beauty routine, she explained: ''The vitamin C serum smells incredible. And don't forget your neck. I just massage in the face oil and the moisturiser using upward strokes to get the lymphatic drainage going.

''I actually have false lashes so that's a really good way to save time. I actually have false lashes so that's a really good way to save time. I always love a little blush. I can go a little blush heavy. [It makes me] feel more awake.''

Miranda is currently pregnant with her third child - her second with husband Evan Spiegel - and has confessed her pregnancy makes her hair greasy.

She added to Vogue.co.uk: ''I find when I'm pregnant, my hair can get a little more oily.''

Meanwhile, Miranda previously revealed she uses crystals as part of her skincare routine, applying the Glow Face Oil from her beauty line KORA Organics with a rose quartz crystal to massage it into her skin.

She said: ''I find that my face, especially in the morning, is really puffy so massaging it is really such a good way to stimulate circulation. I notice a big difference with my skin when I use this crystal because I just feel that it wakes up my skin and it reduces the puffiness. It improves circulation and the way that it curves, you can really get into the jawline and you can get into the eye area and you can just wake up those certain areas and you can really promote that lymphatic drainage that eliminates the toxins.''