Miranda Kerr's baby son has inherited her husband's ''flaky'' skin.

The 36-year-old actress has to apply moisturiser to 14-month-old Hart's body religiously every day otherwise it ends up getting really dry - just like his father Evan Spiegel - but she's not used to that as her six-year-old son Flynn, whom she has with her ex-husband Orlando Bloom, has always had non-problematic skin.

Speaking to W magazine, she said: ''It's interesting because I have an 8-year-old son who has a different dad, Orlando Bloom, and I've always used the [Kora] products on him, and his skin's always been great. But now with my second son, with Evan, he has naturally his dad's skin. So if I'm not consistent with applying the Kora body lotion ($55) and balm ($34) or the body oil ($58), daily, he'll get a little dry patch. But if I am, he'll have none whatsoever. It's incredible to see those results on such a little baby -- the products really do work.''

Miranda has made no secret of the fact she

Meanwhile, the former Victoria's Secret model - who is currently expecting her third child and second with her husband Evan - prefers the ''simple things'' in life such as staying home, having picnics, and going swimming.

She said recently: ''Evan loves to do a barbecue on the weekend. He makes really great burgers and really great guacamole, so that's always fun. Sometimes it's us, sometimes it's extended family, sometimes it's family and friends and we just enjoy it outside, having a little picnic.

''We're pretty much homebodies and really enjoy simple things like being at home, having picnics or going swimming together, being in nature together or going for a walk together. That type of thing.''