Miranda Kerr says plucking her eyebrows helped her to concentrate at school.

The 34-year-old model has admitted when she was younger she was constantly told to stop taming her facial feature and focus on the Business lesson she was in, but the star refused because she said carrying out the beauty treatment helped her absorb the information.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the Australian beauty said: ''I remember I used to sit in the business class at school and my teacher would be like, 'Miranda, put those tweezers away!' I'd be sitting there like, 'It helps me concentrate.'''

Miranda set up her cosmetics brand KORA Organics in 2009, and has since expanded her line over the past few years because she wants her label to be recognised as a ''household name''.

Speaking about her company, she said: ''It was a big risk, but I decided that I just had to do it. I want Kora Organics to be a household name.

''All the products are filtered through rose quartz, which has been used for years to really help encourage love of yourself and love of others. When you're using the products you get a little bit of that magic.''

Miranda - who married Evan Spiegel earlier this year - has revealed her new 15-piece collection has ''positive words'' emblazoned on the product to ''uplift'' her customer.

She said: ''On the back of our products we have a positive word like 'peace', 'love' or 'joy,' which is hopefully uplifting to the user when they're interacting with the product.

''There have been so many times in my life - everyday, actually - where I make the conscious choice to choose my thoughts and that they changes my reality.''

Meanwhile, Miranda has revealed she has a variety of meditation routines on her phone to help her relax.

She explained: ''I have so many different meditations on my phone, but sometimes I'll just search YouTube and find a little gem. Other times I find horrible meditations and I'm like, 'Okay, next'. But choosing to take that time for yourself can really help.''