Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are too busy for another child.

While the couple dote on their two-year-old son Flynn, Miranda admitted their hectic schedules have prevented them from even thinking of expanding their family.

She said: ''We are really enjoying our time with Flynn at the moment. He's such a ball of love and he's so wonderful. And we are both so busy that I think it's nice to have that time together and not rush any other babies for now.''

''[We keep in touch with] lots of Skype. Especially now that we have our son. I'm not much of a talking on the phone person. I prefer to text. It's always very hard to get me on the phone.''

Despite their busy schedules, Miranda, 29 and Orlando recently found time to throw a huge bash for Flynn's second birthday.

Miranda said: ''It was a lot of fun ... and it was a really special celebration.

''We had a little bubble machine and the kids loved it. We also had little bunny rabbits and chickens.''