Vampires had a field day at the box office over the weekend, leaving itnearly bloodless. Sony's 30 Days of Night took in $16 million andlast weekend's Why Did I Get Married?, $12 million, but they were theonly two films to finish in double digits. Of seven other films (in additionto Night) that opened over the weekend -- a record number -- thehighest grossing film was Fox Atomic's The Comebacks, which earnedjust $5.6 million to finish fifth, followed closely by Miramax's GoneBaby Gone with $5.5 million.

The top ten films over the weekend, according to final figures compiled byMedia by Numbers (figures in parentheses represent total gross todate):
1. 30 Days of Night, Sony, $15,951,902, (New); 2.Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?, Lionsgate, $12,186,011, 2 Wks.($38,95,0,821); 3. The Game Plan, Disney, $8,178,646, 4 Wks.($69,20,6,626); 4. Michael Clayton, Warner Bros., $6,677,272, 3 Wks.($21,56,3,586); 5. The Comebacks, Fox Atomic, $5,554,594, (New); 6.Gone Baby Gone, Miramax, $5,501,406, (New); 7. We Own theNight, Sony, $5,420,793, 2 Wks. ($19,70,4,516); 8. The NightmareBefore Christmas, Disney, $5,330,101, (New/Re-release); 9.Rendition, New Line, $4,060,012, (New); 10. The HeartbreakKid, Paramount, $3,814,636, 3 Wks. ($32,02,5,396).