Mira Sorvino vets her children's babysitters very carefully after the German minder who looked after her as a child scared the actress with her thoughts about the Holocaust. The Oscar winner and her husband Christopher Backus feel they've found the perfect babysitter for their two kids, three-year-old Mattea Angel and 18-month-old Johnny Christopher King, because she's nothing like the misguided nanny who used to look after Sorvino. She recalls, "I actually had a very strange experience when I read The Diary of Anne Frank as a child. "We had a German housekeeper babysitting for us, and when I'd finished the book, I was crying. In an effort to comfort me, she told me, 'Oh no, this is all lies. Many more Germans died than Jews. Only 600,000 (Jews died), not six million. It's lies, all lies.' "She was completely indoctrinated in a denial of the Holocaust. It was very, very scary."