Actress Mira Sorvino is nursing a sprained foot after injuring herself during a ballet class.
The Mighty Aphrodite star has had a lifelong love of dance but admits she's yet to master important techniques that could prevent injury.
And her right foot was left bruised and sprained after a recent class, when she leaped into the air and landed awkwardly.
She says, "I spent my whole life taking ballet classes - for years and years - for some reason I'm still torturing myself to become a competent ballet dancer.
"He (the teacher) said, 'Now run across the floor and do something really impressive!' Everybody's doing flips and kicks and jumps. so I first do a cartwheel and then I go for a grand jete (leap).
"And then I come down and the foot turned over itself and it's completely black and blue. But it's just a sprain."