Mira Sorvino is desperate to work with her dad Paul Sorvino after performing a cameo in his latest film THE TROUBLE WITH CALI. The Oscar winner's sister, Amanda, wrote the screenplay for the film, which the girls' dad directed - and Mira agreed to appear in it, despite her fears that acting for her father would be a nightmare. She says, "I was a little bit nervous because I thought, 'OK, my father was my first and really best acting teacher; he was my coach on all of my plays and gave me all of my technique. "I learned, at his feet, the tools of his trade. It had been a long time since I came to him for acting advice and I thought, `How is it gonna be working with dad? Is he gonna feel the need to re-establish the master/pupil relationship?' "But he was the best actor's director I could've ever hoped for. He was nurturing but really insightful, giving me just one little note to tweak something to illicit an even richer moment. "He was so masterful that I was like, `I want to do a whole big long film with dad as a director.'"