OSCAR winner Mira Sorvino is determined to make her fame count as she fronts a new AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL campaign to outlaw physical violence towards women around the globe.

The MIGHTY APHRODITE star is planning to travel the world in the coming months in a bid to help Amnesty bosses push through new international laws to curb the abuse of women in war zones and Third World countries.

The actress says, "It's a campaign to create policies that will stop governments from deliberately harming women.

"Women experience violence on a daily basis, and much of it could be stopped if governments were pressured into passing laws to protect them.

"In some countries, violence against women means killing female babies or aborting female fetuses simply because they are female.

"In various parts of the world, where wars are going on, rape is being used as part of that wartime violence. It's a tactic of war rarely spoken of, but it happens all the time and has happened throughout history."

Sorvino's aid is a real boost for Amnesty International as she's considered the smartest actress in Hollywood - she majored in East Asian languages and civilisations at HARVARD UNIVERSITY and once wrote a thesis on racial conflict in China, which won her a academic prize.

30/04/2004 02:58