Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino is thrilled she has already lost most of the weight she gained while pregnant with her son JOHNNY. The 38-year-old star gave birth to her second child on 30 May (06) and has had an easy time getting her pre-pregnancy figure back. She explains, "I lost half of it in the week since the birth. "I have a trainer, CURTIS MANN, who specialises in helping women lose weight after a baby. "Treadmill, treadmill! While the baby sleeps for a few minutes, I hop on! "I'm confident because I lost the weight the first time (after daughter MATTEA was born)." The MIGHTY APHRODITE star admits that when it comes to eating, she can't have a strict diet regime, "If I do, I'll break it! "I'll have a pasty in the morning and eat healthy throughout the day."