Oscar winner Mira Sorvino is struggling with nightmares as she promotes her latest film - because it's all about the death of a child. The new mum is only glad that she didn't have to play Jennifer Connelly's role in the film, Reservation Road, because she's the mourning mother in the movie. But that doesn't mean Sorvino is sleeping well. She explains, "I had just given birth to my son four months before this film started shooting and I think I would have been too fresh in the joy of motherhood to contemplate directly losing it - as Jennifer does. "I don't want to put myself in the actual position about theorising about the loss of my kids. "That said, this film has still had a very deep effect on me. I'm usually a very sound sleeper and I started having dreams involving my children and something happening to them while I was making the film. "I had a bad dream the other night following one of these days talking about the film, about a rabbit that was very injured and I was carrying it and trying to feed it and keep it alive and trying to get a hospital to take care of it. "My daughter calls herself a bunny so it was an allegory. I can't wait to be done with the press now because it's starting to eat at me."