A quick-thinking restaurant manager has become actress Mira Sorvino's "angel" after she performed a baby Heimlich manoeuvre to save the Oscar-winner's eight-month-old daughter from choking.

The MIGHTY APHRODITE star panicked when little MATTEA started choking on a piece of bread during a family dinner at Jerry's Restaurant in New York City.

Sorvino admits she had no idea what to do and fears her baby would have died had it not been for TOI RACY, who jumped into action and managed to save the tot's life.

The actress recalls, "There's nothing worse than seeing your child turn purple. I grab her and a woman who was sitting right behind me, Toi Tracy, an angel, basically grabs her from me and says, 'I just took the baby Heimlich course.'

"She grabs the baby, turns her over on her stomach, starts hitting her on the back as you're supposed to do. It wasn't working 100 per cent but I reached into her mouth and I got a piece of bread out of her mouth.

"She'd been chewing on a little piece of bread because she's teething really badly and I didn't think she could ingest it and I was wrong."

19/07/2005 02:49