Mira Sorvino fooled passers-by while shooting scenes for her new movie on the streets of New York City and many ended up featuring in the final cut.
The actress filmed Union Square on location in the Big Apple and the film crew kept its distance to allow real New Yorkers into the shots, and Sorvino reveals one emotional scene led to an outpouring of sympathy from members of the public.
She tells the New York Post, "It's an independent film, and we shot really cheap and dirty... In public. In front of people who didn't know. Unaware passers-by jumped into the scenes. Like me shopping for a Thanksgiving turkey at a farmers market, saying 'No' to Brussels sprouts. Then my character's crying her eyes out, and someone passing our unseen camera asks, 'You OK?'
"The look of the non-pros was terrific. A vendor selling honey allowed us to shoot his stand. They didn't always recognise me, but that's why New York - so full of extreme people - is terrific."