Mira Sorvino has praised the indictment against Harvey Weinstein as ''a really good first step''.

The 66-year-old disgraced producer was indicted for rape and criminal sex act charges in New York late last month, and actress Mira - who was one of dozens of women who accused Weinstein of sexual harassment - has now spoken about the charges, which she hopes will eventually lead to ''justice''.

She said: ''He has raped many people that I love, so it's not really a happy occasion. I think maybe there will be some celebration when he gets convicted and goes to jail. That is when the process will be complete and we will see justice really being served. But until then, this is a great first step.

''It feels like a really good first step, it's him finally facing real, real criminal consequences for his criminal behaviour. And so for that I feel gratified but, honestly, last weekend was a very emotional one and I cried many times because just seeing him brings up a lot of bad feelings.''

Previously, 50-year-old Mira had claimed that Weinstein had her name blacklisted in Hollywood after she turned down his sexual advances, and directors Terry Zwigoff and Peter Jackson corroborated the allegations, claiming they were advised against hiring her for their respective projects.

But it wasn't until women began sharing their stories that the 'Mimic' actress realised how widespread the allegations were.

Speaking during an appearance on the 'Today' show, she said: ''None of us compared notes. I only knew of one other person. I could not believe how many people. If we had known about each other then, we would have been ...

''I think we would have found strength in numbers and we would have done something a lot sooner. But I only knew of one other person, Sophie Dix, who told me her story a little while after mine occurred. But I did try to do something about it at the time. I even spoke to somebody at Miramax about it and nothing happened, so it kind of went away and I tried to go on with my life.''