Mira Sorvino is ''excited'' for the change in behaviour in Hollywood in the wake of the alleged sexual harassment scandal.

The 50-year-old actress was one of numerous women who came forward in October to accuse disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, and she has now expressed her excitement at the birth of movements such as Time's Up and #MeToo, which aim to eliminate all forms of sexual misconduct.

Mira - who has daughters Mattea, 13, and Lucia, five, and sons Johnny, 11, and Holden, eight, with her husband Christopher Backus - said: ''I'm very excited that this movement of #MeToo and Time's Up is taking place, not only for myself but honestly for my daughters because I cannot stand the idea that they would have to suffer what I, and just about any other woman that I have ever met, have suffered in some point in her life, if not multiple times.''

And the 'Exposed' actress thinks it's a ''wonderful awakening'' for the world to take note of the alleged harassment scandal, so that change can be made.

She added during the Television Critics Association press tour: ''It all requires great consideration and thought. It's not a snap-to-judgment thing. I think it's a really wonderful awakening time for all of us as moral human beings to say that no one should ever have to be abused in their workplace, in their home, [or] harassed.

''Sexual politics have no place in power dynamics. Our lives have to become more equitable in every way. We do still have to stay very focused on the harassment and abuse issues, rather than jettisoning them in favour of a very general women's movement. I think it's wonderful to work for parity and equal pay, but we cannot leave the voices of all the victims of abuse and harassment behind as we move forward. We have to rise together.''