Director Mira Nair encouraged Ryan Phillippe to get his wife REESE WITHERSPOON pregnant before filming began on Vanity Fair.

The Indian film-maker hates skinny actresses and when discussing casting on the WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY adaptation with Witherspoon and Phillippe over dinner, Nair suggested they have another baby.

And it seems Phillippe followed Nair's suggestion - his pretty wife was pregnant with their second child, a boy DEACON, during filming in England in 2003.

Nair recalls, "I am not a fan of underfed Los Angeles actresses so the year before we began filming, I had dinner at her home and told her husband to knock her up... and he did.

"It had a wonderful effect on her luminosity and womanliness. In those days the dresses had plunging necklines. It was the bosom that I wanted and I certainly got that."

06/01/2005 13:51