Indian director Mira Nair has been approached to take charge of the fifth Harry Potter film in 2007.

The Monsoon Wedding movie-maker is currently reading the script for HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX and considering whether she wants to join the string of directors - including Chris Columbus, Alfonso Cuaron and MIKE NEWELL - who have made the big screen adaptations of Jk Rowling's best-selling books.

Nair says, "I read it over the weekend. I'm still deciding.

"I'm not letting all this go to my head. I'm grounded. I practice detachment, it helps me keep my balance.

"I'm a Dilliwalli, only an asana gets me on my head! My son ZOHARAN's excited. I've seen all the Harry Potter movies with him."

Steven Kloves has written all the screenplays for the Potter films.

01/09/2004 18:08