Minnie Driver wishes she'd had more children.

The 43-year-old actress - who already has five-year-old son Harry - admits she longs to be a mother to more than one child, but can't put up with her body changing during pregnancy again, and would probably look into adopting.

She said: ''I wasn't ready to have children until I did but I wish I had two or three more. I probably wouldn't [do it again] naturally because I'm put off by being pregnant and fat for a year and being exhausted for four years. I would adopt or foster. When Henry's at big school I hope to do that.''

However, the Oscar-nominated star previously admitted that she feels guilty about being a working mother but thinks it is important for her son to see her strong work ethic.

She said earlier this month: ''If I leave the house before Henry has woken up and I'm back after he has gone to bed, it's awful. So I find a way of getting his dad, or his nanny to bring him on set when I'm working. Working parents enjoys their career more because you realise it's not the most important thing.''