Minnie Driver's son is already a budding musician.

The British actress - who is just about to release her third album - is a single mother to five-year-old Henry, who is already following in her footsteps by developing a passion for music.

She said: ''We have a lot of outdoor adventures. He can boogie board and surf. He's a musician too, he sings and plays the piano. I can't wait to see what he is in life, apart from perfect.''

Minnie, 44 - who was once engaged to Josh Brolin - is also keen to have another child, but believes her age could stand in the way.

She explained: ''I'd love another baby. But I'm so lucky I have one at all. I'm quite elderly now.''

However, she admits she's not a controlling mother and just likes to make sure her child is healthy and happy.

She added: ''I'm not overprotective at all. As long as he's clothed and fairly clean, I'm happy.''

Minnie also plays a mother in NBC show 'About A Boy', and has a great relationship with her on-screen son Ben Stockham.

She said to Us Weekly magazine: ''I love hanging out with Ben. Our friendship really shows on-screen. He's a character and he's very smart and very funny, he likes to show me his art.''