Minnie Driver doesn't think a movie set is a ''good place'' for a child.

The 'Speechless' actress has urged aspiring young actors to make sure they complete their education as she thinks it's essential to their careers and would be better for them than simply working throughout their formative years.

Minnie made her comments after being asked by photographer Jason Joseph for some advice for his daughter, who is an aspiring actress.

He tweeted: ''@driverminnie we have a very talented very curly haired little 10yr old girl here who is auditioning to play The Rock's daughter! Can you offer up any advice for her? :) (sic)''

She simply replied: ''Finish school.''

Shortly afterwards, she gave a longer response to clarify her stance.

She posted: ''Just gave what might be interpreted as a dismissive response 2 children acting. I should clarify:Ive worked with lots of child actors and they are great(mostly) However I will never 4 a sec believe a set is a good place for a child. Education can only ever make you a better actor.(sic)''

Meanwhile, the 48-year-old star previously admitted she never thought her son Henry, nine, was very cute when he was a baby.

She said: ''He was a very unattractive baby.''

And she also admitted that she used to tell people: ''You don't have to tell me that he's beautiful because I know he's not, but I love him.''

But the 'Good Will Hunting' actress, who has raised Henry alone, is very proud of her son and thinks he is a ''brilliant'' musician.

She said: ''He's quite a brilliant musician.

''He plays the piano and he sings and he's just learnt 'Clocks' by Coldplay and he plays music like Elton John.''