Minnie Driver fell in love with a man because he recommended her a book.

The 'Good Will Hunting' actress thought it was ''romantic'' that her then-boyfriend thought she would enjoy a novel about being in love called 'The End of Mr. Y'.

Speaking about the book, which was written by Scarlett Thomas, she said: ''This was given to me by a man who I loved very much and we read it within a couple of weeks of each other.

''It's a love story that takes place in consciousness - as if consciousness were an actual place you could go to. It's a meditation on reality and what being in love is.

''I found it completely electrifying and so romantic that he knew I would enjoy it so much - it made me love him more.

''It was as though he knew that this book would resonate with me, like he'd seen inside of me, which is literally what the book is about.''

The actress turns to books when she is having problems in her life because they help her to ''lose herself'' and forget her troubles.

She told Britain's Elle magazine: ''When my father was dying, I found myself about to be snowed-in at an airport in Scotland and this book, 'Heat' by Bill Byford', was the only thing I had with me.

''It's a reflection on love and life and was a beacon of light in what was emotionally the darkest time in my life. It taught me that when you're at your most desperate, you should read something full of fire and passion that you can Lose Yourself in.''