British actress Minnie Driver was horrified to discover the level of exploitation endured by factory workers in Cambodia.

The Good Will Hunting actress has called on the international community to limit the effects of globalisation on workers in developing countries, during a trip to Phnom Penh.

The 34-year-old - visiting the region as part of British charity Oxfam INTERNATIONAL's MAKE TRADE FAIR campaign - wants western corporations to "really consider their buying practices".

During her visit, some garment workers wore clothes with the slogan, "Made in us...US$0.25 per hour".

Driver says, "The poorest people with the least are making sacrifices for those of us who have the most.

"I'm a consumer with my point of view from the west, and I came here in a massive state of ignorance - an ignorance that was only revealed as I learned.

"Every time they squeeze to get lower production costs, faster production, it's nobody but the working women who suffer, and so do their families back at home."

09/02/2004 16:56