Minnie Driver feels ''guilty'' about being a working mother.

The Oscar-nominated actress thinks it is ''important'' for her five-year-old son, Henry, to see her strong work ethic but admits she feels ''awful'' about the little time she gets to spend with him while filming movies.

Minnie told the Daily Express newspaper: ''If I leave the house before Henry has woken up and I'm back after he has gone to bed, it's awful. So I find a way of getting his dad, or his nanny to bring him on set when I'm working,''

''Working parents enjoys their career more because you realise it's not the most important thing.''

The 'Good Will Hunting' star - who is launching a campaign with charity Children in Need - also claims it may not be long before the young tot follows in her footsteps, as he already has a penchant for performing.

She added: ''[Will Henry act?] I wouldn't put it past him. He will often sing a song or tell everyone a poem, he's a proper little performer.''

Minnie said last year the father of her son was a writer for television show 'The Riches', but has chosen not to disclose his identity.