Actress-turned-singer Minnie Driver's debut album features songs about broken romances and advice from her father.

The GOOD WILL HUNTING star, who has dated Matt Damon and Josh Brolin, admits her own heartbreak inspired many of the songs on new album EVERYTHING I'VE GOT IN MY POCKET, particularly one of Driver's favourite tunes, SO WELL.

She says, "That song's actually about when you're with someone you still love, but you break up because you're not getting along.

"It's about how hard it is to stick to your guns when all you want to do is call and say, 'Can't we try this again?'"

Driver admits other tracks are inspired by her dad's life lessons.

She adds, "He says the best things. When someone had really done me wrong, and I was so sad and angry, my dad said, 'Honey, nobody ever runs up a bar tab they don't have to pay.'"

25/10/2004 21:15