British actress Minnie Driver had a bizarre meeting with Queen Elizabeth II - because she was fixated with the flies buzzing around the monarch's hat.

The brunette beauty met the royal matriarch at a polo game in England, but was more fascinated with her servant and the unwanted flying guests than the Queen herself.

She says, "It's so funny because she's shadowed by a sort of 75-year-old woman who's her lady in waiting, which is like a valet. She has this woman who kind of follows her.

"She takes her gloves off and she just sort of puts them behind her and drops them and the woman kind of catches them.

"She has her tea and she does all this stuff while she's still looking at you.

"But there was about to be a really big thunderstorm and she had flies all over her hat. She had a very elaborate hat, with veils and flowers and the whole thing.

"They were big, thunderous blue bottles buzzing around her hat. So the whole time I was meeting her, I was kind of wide-eyed and staring at her flies, waiting for one to go up her nose or in the ear!"

02/04/2004 08:54