Minnie Driver turned down an offer from music boss Tommy Mottola to become the next Jennifer Lopez.

The OSCAR-nominated British actress, who released her country-flavoured debut album EVERYTHING I'VE GOT IN MY POCKET this year (04), was approached by the record producer to embark on a musical career akin to J.Lo's.

But Driver turned Mottola's proposition down because R+B isn't her style.

She says, "I sang a little song I wrote in (1997 movie) Good Will Hunting. I had talks with major record business movers and shakers like Randy Jackson about signing something really big.

"Tommy Mottola played me some of J.Lo's stuff and said, 'This is what you should do. It's gonna be really massive.' But I'm not much of a butt shaker."

28/12/2004 12:57