Rockers Ministry are set to split after recording one final album. The band, fronted by Al Jourgensen, has been a cult act since the early 1980s, and the singer insists it's time to quit. He says, "I've got other things to do. I just started a label and I want to sign some bands and really build it up. "I'll be leaving on the top of my game instead of hanging on too long and doing cr**py Aerosmith and Rolling Stones albums 30 years later." Jourgensen plans to go out fighting - with a final album aimed at blasting US President George W Bush. He adds, "(It's) going to be called THE LAST SUCKER and it's about this corrupt administration. That seems to be my muse... We'll do that one, and then me and George Bush (will) go riding off hand-in-hand, into the sunset." Jourgensen is also the founder and frontman of REVOLTING COCKS, who are currently supporting Ministry on tour, and he admits performing in two acts at the same time has been draining: "It sounded good on paper when I drew it up but, yeah, I'm feeling about 90 right now."