Ministry rocker Al Jourgensen once gave a budding writer access to his recording sessions in return for a bag of drugs.
The woman told the star she wanted to write a book about the making of his 1989 album The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste and he agreed to let her join the band in the studio in return for enough drugs for them to use during the process.
He tells Revolver magazine, "She said, 'I want to write a book about the making of this record and in return I'll give you one pound of Mda.' And she did. You'd lick your finger, dip it in the bag, and rub it on your gums. That bag lasted the whole record.
"She'd sit there every night and scribble s**t forever. About six months later, I looked at her book and it was nothing but gibberish and stick-figure drawings of trees. She didn't write a f**king word."