Country star Mindy McCready's recent drug-related hospitalisation has left her friend Mackenzie Phillips with some big questions - she can't understand why the singer's mother called emergency services with an overdose story.
The troubled country star has been released from hospital in Florida. She was admitted after her mother, Gayle Ingle, reportedly found her unconscious, called 911 and suggested that her daughter had overdosed after taking the pain pill Darvocet for a broken toe.
But the singer's spokesman, Brent Young, has played down the incident, revealing MCCready simply experienced a bad reaction to the pain pills she had been prescribed after breaking her toe on Sunday (23May10).
Young claims MCCready told her mother she was feeling unwell, sparking a panic.
And now Phillips, MCCready's roommate on reality TV show Celebrity Rehab, has suggested the call for help may have been a ploy to wreck her friend's chances of winning back custody of her four-year-old son, Zander.
Phillips tells In Touch magazine, "I find it suspicious that her mom gave her a strong medication for a broken toe and called 911 saying that she was overdosing.
"It also just seems a bit strange that this happened in the midst of a custody battle. Mindy was in Fort Myers to see her son, who is so important to her and whom she loves so much. I support her 100 per cent... and I know that she is going to be fine and prevail."
MCCready's hospitalisation comes just days after she won a court judgement to reopen custody proceedings in the hope of being reunited with Zander.
She lost custody of the boy in 2007 after she was jailed for violating probation by allegedly assaulting her mum in a fight over the singer's drinking and drug addictions.
Meanwhile MCCready's brother has called the drama a big misunderstanding.