Country star Mindy McCready's kids have reportedly been removed from her care less than a month after the death of her boyfriend.

Sources tell E! News that Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services officials arrived at the troubled singer's home in Heber Springs on Wednesday (06Feb13) and took Zander, six, and nine-month-old Zayne.

An insider tells the website, "Mindy needs to get help and we all care and love her and we want her to get the right help so she can move on. She is in a bad state right now, depressed and unhappy. It is not good."

The removal comes just eight days after MCCready denied killing boyfriend David Wilson, who is the father of her youngest son, or having any involvement with his death, which is still under investigation. Initial reports suggested Wilson committed suicide.

It is not clear who will be given custody of MCCready's children, but her ex-husband Billy MCKnight, who is the eldest boy's father, has requested primary custody of Zander.

He appeared on a local news show on Tuesday (05Feb13) and stated, "Who in their right mind would want their child with Mindy right now?" He added, "I am extremely concerned that my son is in danger... Mindy's emotional well-being is not stable enough to have full custody of our son.

"I want to be there for my son and look out for his best interests. I will continue this fight as long as it takes to make sure my son's safety is guaranteed and he is returned to me."

MCCready has been living in Arkansas since she broke a custody agreement she had in Florida and fled to the state with her son.

Police found her hiding in Wilson's home and a judge ruled she did not have to return Zander to his father or her mother, who also had custody of the boy.