Actress Jennifer Blake will star as the late singer in MCCready the Musical, which she co-created with the show's writer and director, Jon Bernstein.

The show will feature the country singer's songs and include storylines about her romances with actor Dean Cain and baseball star Roger Clemens.

Blake tells Rolling Stone Country, "We start in 1990, where she first sang at the Hired Hand karaoke bar in Fort Myers, Florida.

"She was a karaoke star, so to speak, and it was the night that she met Roger Clemens. All of this is true. What we've done since is re-imagined what happened in those situations and those conversations."

The musical will run for six weeks in Los Angeles, but Blake is hoping to travel the U.S. with the show.

She continues, "We want to be able to tour with it, to take it around and set down in different bars or small theatres all around the country...

"We can take the show anywhere. We're not relying on major lighting or sound. The overhead isn't insane. It's sort of a travelling minstrel show in a way. It's like a country concert when you walk in. It really is about the music."

MCCready committed suicide in 2013.