Mindy McCready's mother Gayle Inge has issued an emphatic denial after the troubled singer sensationally alleged her son had been abused while in his grandmother's care.
MCCready hit headlines earlier this month (Dec11) after her ex-boyfriend Bill MCKnight filed a missing persons report when their five-year-old son Zander was not returned to his Florida home following a visitation with his mum.
The singer was ordered to return the child last Thursday (01Dec11) but she defied the court ruling, prompting U.S. Marshals to track her down in Arkansas, where the boy was later placed in foster care.
But the country star is now courting fresh controversy by claiming Zander suffered injuries while in Inge's care.
MCCready lost custody of the child in 2007 following drug abuse and battery charges, and Inge was subsequently appointed his legal guardian.
During an interview with U.S. news show 20/20, the singer says, "Zander was being beaten with a wooden spoon. There are scars on Zander's back, there are scars on his bottom and his legs, from the spoon."
But Inge has hit back at the allegations, telling the programme in a statement, "I have been Zander's guardian for four-and-a-half years. There has been all kinds of scrutiny. He has never been abused in our care."
A clip of the interview aired on breakfast show Good Morning America on Friday (09Dec11), ahead of the full 20/20 broadcast on Friday night.