Country star Mindy McCready's ex-boyfriend fears the singer may try to harm herself if he pressures her to return their son Zander.
Bill MCKnight filed a missing persons report on Tuesday (29Nov11) after MCCready, who is pregnant with twins, failed to bring the five-year-old home to Florida after a scheduled visitation.
The singer is currently in Tennessee with their son, defying a Florida judge's order to return the boy by Thursday evening (01Dec11).
And MCKnight admits he doesn't know what to do for the best - because he's worried his troubled ex may not be entirely stable.
Paramedics were called to MCCready's home in 2008 after reports of a suspected suicide attempt and she was hospitalised again last year (10) due to an apparent drug overdose, and MCKnight now fears the singer could sink back into her troubled ways amid the ongoing child custody wrangle.
During an interview on U.S. morning show Today on Friday (02Dec11), he said, "She has (tried to harm herself) in the past. I pray to God that she doesn't (do anything harmful). It does give me concern. I don't want her to hurt herself and I certainly don't want my son to live his life without his mother."
MCCready does not have custody of her son. That was stripped from her in 2008 when she began a prison spell for a probation violation.