Troubled country star Mindy McCready is launching a legal bid to regain custody of her four-year-old son.
MCCready's mother, Gayle, won custody of Zander in 2007 after a fight with the singer over her drink and drugs demons.
It came just two years after the youngster's father, Billy MCKnight, was charged with attempted murder and served 30 days in jail in 2005 following claims he beat and choked the singer. The case was later dismissed.
But now MCCready wants her son back and is heading to a Florida court on Wednesday afternoon (19May10) to reopen the custody case.
Her lawyer, Jim Moon, tells E! News that MCCready has finally beat her addictions thanks in part to a stint on U.S. show Celebrity Rehab last year (09) - and reality TV doctor Drew Pinsky has even written her a glowing personal reference.
Moon says, "We wanted there to be no question that this case should be reopened and she should be reunited with her son. She needed to undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation, she needed to undergo a psychological assessment to make sure she was a competent parent, she needed to undergo codependency counselling... Everything she's passed with flying colors.
"Naturally, I want Zander to go home with Mindy. Do I anticipate that's going to happen tomorrow? Probably not. In all likelihood, she'll be granted a month's worth of unsupervised visits and overnight visits."