Country singer Mindy McCready cringes every time she recalls her tearful interview on TV show OPRAH last year (07) - because she swore undying love to the boyfriend who almost beat her to death. MCCready's ex, Billy MCKnight, was jailed for his savage and bloody attack on the singer, but that didn't stop her from sitting down with Oprah Winfrey and telling the talk show host she still loved her former boyfriend. Winfrey attempted to reason with MCCready as the singer sobbed about her feelings for incarcerated MCKnight. But, after her own recent six-month jail sentence for violating probation gave her the chance to think about her life, MCCready admits her Oprah appearance is one of the many things she's ashamed of. MCCready says, "That whole Oprah show is so embarrassing for me to look at now. There I was still pining over someone that tried to kill me." And the singer, who was once engaged to TV Superman Dean Cain, admits she's now convinced the only positive thing to come out of her relationship with MCKnight was their son Zander. She adds, "Billy and I made a beautiful child together and it was definitely by far... the only good thing in that relationship."