Mindy McCready is hoping to be reunited with her four-year-old son after a judge agreed on Wednesday (19May10) to reopen custody proceedings.
The troubled country star lost custody of Zander in 2007 after she was jailed for violating probation by allegedly assaulting her mum, Gayle, in a fight over the singer's drinking and drug addictions.
MCCready has since conquered her demons thanks in part to a stint on U.S. show Celebrity Rehab last year (09) and successfully underwent drug testing and a psychological evaluation to prove she's a competent parent.
Judge James Seals approved supervised meetings between MCCready and Zander at a hearing in Fort Myers, Florida on Wednesday - and MCCready is planning to do whatever it takes to win unsupervised and overnight visits.
But the star's lawyer James Moon insists MCCready will have to smooth out her troubled relationship with her mum in a bid to win alone-time.
He tells E! Online, "She was disappointed because she didn't get unsupervised visits but I think she was particularly upbeat that her case was reopened. She knows what she needs to do and she's been doing it for some time now. It's a positive step.
"One of the difficulties we have is that visits are subject to the approval of the guardian of Zander. And there are some issues between (MCCready) and her mother, as I'm sure you're aware, and today in court we made a very strong effort to let everyone know that Mindy's moved past those issues and is saying, 'Here's an olive branch, work with me.' She's saying, 'Let me see him as much as I can, and let's work things out between us.'"
The singer adds, "We have progressed in a manner to reunite me and my son, Zander. I feel very optimistic this will happen in the near future."