Mindy Kaling wants to wear a sari on the red carpet next.

'The Mindy Project' star hit the headlines last week for wearing a jacquard Topshop crop top and matching skirt on the red carpet and the curvy comedienne says the controversial look inspired her to embrace her Indian heritage with a traditional sari.

She explained to People magazine: ''To me, when Indian women wear saris there's a little patch of skin [under your bra] that many women can [show off] without feeling self-conscious. It's alluring without being too revealing. I don't have like a six-pack or anything but I can wear it and show it off.

''And I liked that even though that wasn't an Indian inspired outfit at all, that sort of revealed that same sort of patch of skin that Indian women do traditionally all the time. It made me want to wear a sari, actually.''

Mindy doesn't take criticism about her style personally and says the only time she regrets her looks is when she picks the wrong hair and make-up to complement her outfit.

She diplomatically said: ''I never like to look back, and make a designer, who has been generous to me, feel bad about what they lent me or that I didn't love it.

''Everything that I wear that is lent to me looks amazing, [but] sometimes I wore the wrong hair and make-up or didn't sell it the best way that I could.''