During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday night (07Apr16), Mindy discussed the talk show host's behaviour when he guest starred on her Hulu series The Mindy Project, saying she thought he could have taken his role more seriously while on set.

"I'm very fond of you, OK?" smiled Mindy, adding in a deadpan tone, "I did not think you were very professional when you came on my show."

Stephen played Father Michael O'Donnell in the episode titled Confessions of a Catho-holic, where Mindy's character, Mindy Lahiri, pretended to be Catholic in order to win his approval, as he was a friend of her then-boyfriend Danny Castellano (played by Chris Messina).

"We have a scene where you had to give a eulogy for another priest and I thought you didn't handle it that well," joked the 36-year-old. "It's a very sombre occasion."

Stephen, 51, who had just wrapped political satire show The Colbert Report before appearing on the sit-com, replied snappily, "I was between gigs. I was just footloose and fancy free!"

"It was so funny that you couldn't take it," laughed Mindy in response, while looking particularly glamorous in a body-conscious red dress with a one shoulder strap.

Meanwhile, the actress, producer, and best-selling author also stopped by the Women in the World Summit in New York on Thursday and explained that apart from working on her TV show she is considering directing a movie. But if that doesn't work out she most definitely has a Plan B lined up.

“Maybe I should have a kid or something. Or a car,” she joked. "Everyone’s talking about Teslas now, right?”

The new season of the Mindy Project returns on Hulu this month (12Apr16).