Hollywood veteran Mimi Rogers has proved "over 40 is a state of mind" by allowing her genitals to be filmed in controversial new movie THE DOOR IN THE FLOOR.

The film's other stars Kim Basinger and Jeff Bridges have agreed to shed their clothes for the movie, but Rogers - Tom Cruise's first wife - has shot her first "full-frontal" scenes at the age of 48 and admits they were "a little scary".

Rogers confesses, "When I met with (director) Tod Williams initially, we talked a lot about it, because the way that it's written, it comes at a time when the relationship between mine and Jeff's characters is entering a darker, uglier phase.

"And I wanted to know how he saw it and how he intended to shoot it. It's not particularly objectionable to me, because it's not nudity in a sexual context per se because it's during an art scene and is more relevant to the storytelling as opposed to it being gratuitous, 'OK, now, here's the sex scene.' But it did require me to be there, full on starkers as they say.

"The thing that's cool about this movie is that Kim and I both have a lot of nudity two hot ladies over 40.

"We're going to set the industry on its ear, 'Don't forget about us, boys.' And Kim, she's like freakishly beautiful. It all helps reinforce the idea that age doesn't have that much to do with beauty. Over 40 is a state of mind."

13/07/2004 13:43