The actors play husband and wife on the hit TV drama and admit their big fight that aired in America on Tuesday night (14Mar17) was a big deal for everyone involved on the show.

Milo reveals many of the pair's co-stars were on set to offer their support and to see how the choreographed scene would go down, and he went out of his way to heighten the tension in the room.

"Mandy and I, we usually have our chairs right next to each other and we sit and talk a lot about the world...," he told Access Hollywood. "I walked on stage and I picked up my chair and moved it out of the room.

"We didn't lock eyes until we were in the scene... It was hard. It was one of those painful moments, but it was necessary... There were some really vicious takes... It was just one long take of a six-page scene and we did that over and over and over."

The relieved couple hugged as soon as the scene wrapped.