Milo Ventimiglia wants to go biking across America.

The 'This Is Us' actor regularly uses his motorcycle to travel to the set of the show and to get away to Malibu or the California desert for weekends, but he's hoping to schedule a much bigger trip in the near future.

He said: ''Last June I took a ride from Portland, Oregon, down to Los Angeles with a group of friends; some from Oregon, some from Japan.

''It was a moment to get some miles on the bike but also spend time with friends. I have yet to go across the U.S., but I'm hoping to in the next year or two.''

The 40-year-old actor got his motorcycle license when he was 26 for a scene in his movie 'American Dreams', but he'd wanted a bike for years before that, and even now he still gets excited when he sees his vehicle.

He told People magazine: ''I remember being a kid and seeing a Harley-Davidson go by and hearing the sounds and seeing its rider kind of wave at me, thinking, God, that must be fun to be that free on a motorcycle with the wind in your face and a road in front of you.

''Every time I get off my bike, I look back at it with that kid excitement of, 'Wow, I really, really love riding.' ''

And Milo's 'This Is Us' co-stars are always listening out for the roar of his Harley-Davidson arriving on set.

He said: ''Every time my bike roars up to set they're all happy to hear it 'cause they know that I made it.

''Susan Kelechi watched and she threw a leg over my bike and took a photo and put it up on social media!''