Professor Green says getting in a car with wife Millie Mackintosh is a ''domestic waiting to happen''.

The 30-year-old rapper is currently serving a 12-month driving ban after he was found to be over the legal alcohol limit in March, but he won't be getting the former 'Made In Chelsea' star to chauffeur him around.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, he said: ''I don't like getting in a car with Millie. It's a domestic waiting to happen.

''She asks like, 'Can I overtake that?' She scares me. She's definitely got dyspraxia.''

The musician tied the knot with his reality TV star wife last year and admits the ceremony reminded him of some of his private troubles, including the death of his father who committed suicide in 2008.

He explained: ''It brought things back to the surface, which maybe I'd isolated rather than digesting and processing, like that my mum and dad weren't going to be there.

''My mum's with us but we don't talk. It's times like that when you miss people.

''But it was such a happy day. It highlighted the people who were there, not just the one who weren't.''