Millie Mackintosh is bombarded with countless messages of abuse whenever she makes Twitter posts about her fitness regime or fashion line.

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star is sick of all the hate she gets when she posts on social media, especially the cruel jibes about her body when she poses in swimwear for photos.

Revealing her battles with trolls on a daily basis, she told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''When I post pictures of myself in a bikini, I get trolls telling me I look pregnant and other trolls telling me I look too thin. I just ignore them, but it's really hard for young girls growing up in a culture where strangers - unhappy, miserable, mean strangers - passing comment on their appearance.''

Millie insists women should be supporting each other in all walks of life and has called for an end to the online hate.

She added: ''As women and girls, we ought to be celebrating each other's success, and feeling inspired rather than envious. We need to shut down the haters and the bitchiness. When I post pictures of myself, it's not because I'm encouraging fat-shaming, it's because I'm proud of the enormous effort I put in at the gym to be strong. It's all about strength, not skinniness.''

Since leaving 'MIC' in 2013, Millie has reinvented herself as a fashion designer and she is thrilled to have her own ranges available via

House of Fraser and Asos online.

Millie - who is married to Professor Green - has revealed her latest Asos line is inspired by her love of vintage fashion.

She said: ''As someone who has bought my clothes from Asos for years, It's incredible and utterly fantastic to see my designs there. I'm onto my autumn winter collection now which is really exciting. I model it myself too.''