Millie Mackintosh's new pre-Autumn/Winter 2017 collection was inspired by her ''youth''.

The 27-year-old television personality and fashion designer - who founded her eponymous clothing line in 2014 - has revealed she is currently working to re-launch her brand in June this year, and has revealed her creations have been influenced by her childhood and the area of Wiltshire where she grew up.

Speaking in a Facebook Live interview with Glamour UK, the golden haired beauty said: ''I have been working towards a re-launch of the brand with my pre-Fall collection coming out in June. So, I've actually gone very in-house with my team. I have got my own design studio for the first time.

''And it's all gone back to my youth, and where I grew up, influences from where I grew up, and my childhood and it's really personal to me. And I've got print designers coming in and have done lovely prints of flowers from the village where I grew up.

''We are working towards launching that.''

And the former 'Made In Chelsea' star is set to unveil her Spring/Summer 2017 range for her line next month, which she has teased features various patterns.

She explained: ''My Spring collection is going to be out in the next month or two. It's got gingham, it does make me think of tablecloths, but I love it. There's gingham, there's spots and stripes.''

Although Millie has claimed she has a ''modern British feminine'' style, she has revealed she loves a ''print clash'' and once wore a pair of coloured fishnet tights, which she was ''obsessed'' with, underneath ripped jeans and accessorised with a pair of kitten heels that she has admitted wasn't very ''classy''.

She said: ''I love a print clash. I always look to Olivia Palermo, I haven't quite mastered it yet but I think she is the Queen of a print clash.

''I like to wear high waist because I always like something that will go in at the waist and get definition there.

''I wouldn't wear a dropped waist. But I feel like it holds me in and I like that feeling.

''But I used to be really obsessed with fishnet tights, [worn] with mini dresses, and not worn in a very classy way. I even had a really ripped pair of jeans, I wore with green fish nets and kitten heels. I don't think anyone was ready for it when I wore it at boarding school.''