Millie Mackintosh loves 70s style.

The former 'Made In Chelsea' star has revealed she likes to dress in clothes that commemorate the era of flared trousers and disco gear.

When asked what spring style she's looking forward to wearing, she said: ''I've got my new collection coming out and it's got a bohemian feel.

''I've always had a thing for tassels. I love the 70s look - flared trousers, floppy hats.''

And in order to keep her enviable figure, the 24-year-old television personality spends time doing weight training but admits it is a ''slow process''.

She added: ''I like to do a mixture of exercise. I'm really into weight training, which is quite a slow process. There's a real sense of achievement when you can lift more than you could before.

''The health benefits are amazing and I am trying to improve my posture. I like doing spinning, pilates and yoga too.''

And whilst Millie - who is married to rapper Professor Green - loves most kinds of exercise, she admits she is fussier when it comes to food and can't stand raw vegetables.

She told the Evening Standard newspaper: ''It is weird because people think I am really healthy, and I do try to eat a balanced diet, but my worst food is raw vegetables.

''My salads consist of roasted vegetables. I'm not into raw cucumber, raw tomato or peppers. Quite a lot of typical salads I just can't eat.''