Millie Mackintosh owns ''more'' workout outfits than any other item of clothing.

The 26-year-old former 'Made in Chelsea' star has revealed she owns more gym attire than everyday or evening garments because she will wear the sportswear ''all day'' whilst she is running errands before she hits the gym for an intense work out.

Speaking to the Daily Record about her wardrobe essentials, she said: ''I've probably got more workout outfits than anything else. If I'm working out later in the day, I just run around in my workout wear all day.

''I've just discovered this new fitness brand that's come over from Brazil, called Live! They've got amazing leggings and bras, and really nice prints.''

However the blonde beauty has revealed she doesn't have enough time to enjoy retail therapy, and relies on online shopping.

She explained: ''I don't spend much time shopping but I do a lot online. I like ASOS, Shopbop, the Outnet, a real mixture.

''You have to know where to go for certain food things. Zara do really good shoes for a night out and really nice blouses. Sandro's really good for winter coats, and The Kooples I like for tailoring.''

Meanwhile, Millie - who has her own eponymous line, which she has designed two collections for and is set to launch an Autumn/Winter capsule - has revealed she is already designing a Spring/Summer 2017 range.

Speaking about her label, she said: ''I think [other celebrities] don't necessarily own the brands, whereas I've actually founded it and own it.

''I was modelling it but now I'm using a model so that I can focus on the design and behind the scenes. I'm more comfortable there.

''Right now I'm designing next spring. I've got to finish shooting the winter lookbook, then I'll start seeing samples next week for next summer. I'm just getting used to working so far ahead but it's going really well.''