Millie Mackintosh has teamed up with Reebok for their #BreakYourSelfie campaign.

The former 'Made In Chelsea' star is working with the sports brand to challenge the notions of beauty by encouraging social media users to switch posting picture perfect photos of themselves with post-workout selfies.

Reebok's aim for the campaign is to inspire users to 'Be More Human' by posting selfies of themselves in their most depleted and raw state.

Millie took to her Instagram account yesterday (03.03.15) to kick off the posts, captioning an image of herself after hitting the gym: ''I love to push myself as hard as I can when I workout and whilst it was a bit daunting sharing a selfie when I was at my most tired and sweaty, it really was liberating! #BreakYourSelfie celebrates real fitness and hard work - I would encourage everyone to get involved.''

The brunette beauty, 24, has also shared her top tips for keeping fit and getting the most out of her workouts.

She said: ''I really like the variety, with different activities on different days, but I do especially like to work on my core. My challenge at the moment is to get one pull-up nailed and to do a yoga headstand. I really want to get a pull-up bar installed in my house so I can try it at home!

''It's also the benefit of feeling fit and healthy, it's not about weight loss for me, it's about balance - I like to go out, I like to eat good food, so it's about balancing off those naughty calories.''

Reebok's UK brand ambassador James Woolard commented: ''Today's selfie-culture has us obsessing over projecting images of our most flawless, perfect selves. But maybe we're at our best and most beautiful when we're pushing beyond our limits. Join your fellow fitness warriors and let's see you #breakyourselfie.''

To join in the campaign, simply share your post-workout image using #breakyourselfie and tagging @ReebokUK on,